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Agency for Strategic Business Development
Agency for Strategic Business Development

We carry out complex work for the development, expansion, optimization and diversification of business and target projects.

We help with support of export and import operations, opening of offices abroad and relocation issues.

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Directions of work
Directions of work
Consulting services
Analytical and research work, forecasting, development of recommendations, provision of ready-made solutions in the field of strategic and tactical business planning. Current databases of international and regional levels are used. Target experts are involved.
Development and audit of projects
Creation and calculation of the project budget from the submitted idea to the complete set of working documentation. Audit and actualization of data in existing projects. Development of a complete documentation package. Recommendations on project management techniques. Preparation of presentation materials of any complexity in different languages.
Business development
Representing the interests of the Customer in the search for partners and investors at the national and regional levels. Organization of direct negotiations, including at the sites of international organizations. Preparation and analysis of working documentation and contracts. Simultaneous translation of negotiations.
Promotion of goods and services
Analytical work on marketing research, market size, competitive analytics and how competitors work with the target audience. Planning and implementation of market capture techniques within budgetary values. A full range of preparatory work and the implementation of the promotion mix.
Information Technology
Implementation and support of a complex of information resources in any languages. Development and launch of websites, applications, pages in social networks. Implementation of all types of electronic and print advertising, including television and radio. Preparing analytics and adjusting campaigns. We provide press services.
Hosting an event
Organization of the site and involvement of the necessary pool of participants and speakers for targeted events. The possibility of holding events on the basis of major international organizations and the best Russian locations. Holding forums and conferences. Information support at all stages of implementation. Simultaneous translation.
Business relocation
Carrying out research work on target conditions in given countries. Preparation of road maps and a list of documentation. Development of a package of documents. Support of business and transactions.
Opening branches abroad
Opening of offices and production sites. Development of a package of documents and support of transactions. Business support in negotiations at the initial stage.
Locations of implemented projects and services
Most of the countries that are members of the G20, the SCO and the CIS, as well as Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Serbia, Georgia, Nepal, Kenya and others. Our experience and partner networks allow us to implement projects in other territories not mentioned in the list.
Unique features
Professionals and experts who have experience in implementing projects of varying complexity in all segments of business and government organizations will work with you. We have rich experience in various fields, which allows us to effectively implement the best tools and solutions to obtain a guaranteed result.
We will find effective solutions for organizations in a state of crisis, developing new markets, expanding activities, optimizing processes, reducing costs, searching for technologies and partners.

We will increase competitiveness, improve target business indicators, introduce modern methods and technologies, and create an increase in brand awareness.


We can provide business and ready-made projects with promotion services in the areas of B2B, B2G, B2C, GR, search for investment groups and private investors.
We successfully cooperate with business, international, state and public organizations, foundations and innovation groups.
Our advantages

Our team has many years of experience in targeted work, the status of experts in Russian and international organizations, experience in leading international companies and BIG4. Experience in advising a number of governments and organizations under UN contracts.


Team members are constantly involved in international and regional projects, international systems of advanced training. They learn the latest technologies and trends from leading international institutions and organizations, including the TOP-10 universities in world rankings.


Available licenses, certificates, statuses, diplomas and other documents of experts involved in the project, we provide upon request or in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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Why choose us
We have an expert understanding of the subject matter
We have an expert understanding of the subject matter
We know how to achieve goals
We know how to achieve goals
We use up-to-date databases
We use up-to-date databases
We have a wide range of experience
We have a wide range of experience
We work all over the world
We work all over the world
We know how to promote business
We know how to promote business
We have a wide network of partners
We have a wide network of partners
We give high-precision forecasts
We give high-precision forecasts
We answer questions
for example:
• What is the dynamics of demand for an existing product?
• Do I need to improve and change the product to increase turnover and profit?
• What else can be done with existing equipment?
• What is the level of production diversification and what are the possible benefits?
• What technological changes optimize production?
• How to reduce production and logistics costs?
• How to improve the energy efficiency of the production site?
• What level of digitalization of production is cost-effective?
• What is the maximum potential of the target production?
• What are the state support programs?
• Is it possible to attract investments for production changes?
• What documents are needed to attract investments?
• Are patents and other rights required for production?
• What other types of profits are possible on the production site?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the product or service?
• What is the structure of the target audience?
• Is product positioning effective?
• Does the brand match the offer?
• Will the product be remembered and come back for it again?
• What associations will the buyer have to recommend the brand?
• What promotion channels will be effective for the target audience?
• What to choose: POSM, Digital, ATL- and BTL - promotions, loyalty programs?
• What is the effectiveness of the marketing strategy today?
• Is the budget correctly distributed by areas?
• Which part of the marketing spend generates the highest return?
• Do I need reputation management tools and lobbying?
• What ambassadors and speakers can attract the target audience?
• How can you make your offer more interesting than your competitors?
• How effective is the pricing and financial model applied?
• Is the sales system effective? What changes would be beneficial?
• Are all sales and promotion channels for my product and services used?
• What are the potential markets and export opportunities?
• Do I need an online store or a store on marketplaces?
• What sales system software do you need?
• Do you need distributors or direct work with retailers?
• How to profitably build logistics and targeted delivery of goods?
• What sales force model and budget will be effective?
• What competencies do employees need in sales and development?
• What outsourcing services will be effective and profitable?
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